28 Januari 2010

A New Royal Thai Military UAV

28 Januari 2010

Thailand's new UAV (photo : ThaiRath)

On January 25 Lieutenant General Pongsak Ruhi Siri Wattana women executives group of research and development aircraft without pilots (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) or AV UK later in the award of Outstanding Research 2009 Annual office. Research Fund (Skw.) that same day. Current Thai military to focus on the UK AV is the first. In a major military parade in the building are military must be on the UK import version of AV Searcher by Israel of 1 set to patrol check. Instead of the past required the pilots control the aircraft. In addition to the high costs already. It will also avoid the danger to pilots who may be opponent attacks also listed the benefits of AV is designed to use surveillance and inspection. Also point target and image signals in real (real time) is increased accuracy in artillery fire made no savings in the number of the cartridge.

Ruhi female lieutenant Phong said that the aircraft without pilot made U AV to replace imports and loss of maintenance cost millions of baht each year. Efforts to study the possibility of creating AV UK. Own up to it occurs within the country. The initial set to meet the performance requirements of military ordnance division (Pl.p.) for reconnaissance missions to find and track targets investigator. Office of Research Fund (Skw.) and Office of Defense, military research and development (Swp.kh.) has sponsored research and development projects. Research and development of aircraft without pilots. The agencies use research scholars from 50 institutions of people knowledgeable in software and software development of the R project.

As a result of the development of prototype U AV more than 5 years, researchers have created the knowledge and experience in designing and building wireless systems, aircraft pilots and not less, and has deep knowledge base necessary for wireless aircraft. pilots. Both design and build aircraft without pilots. Flight control system. Aviation communication systems. Video signal processing systems. Systems connected to the geospatial system. Design and build equipment researchers and private companies in the country. Sales can be produced as a pilot training for military artillery division of the company sold 10 aircraft and Israeli Intelligence Agency ID number 24 has been the royalties of approximately 1 million baht was also the knowledge from this research project. Help with the negotiating team of the new system that classified military save at least 650 million baht, "the executive said research projects listed AV.

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