27 Januari 2010

Beca Supplied Radar Simulator for RNZAF

27 Januari 2010

P-3K2 of the RNZAF (photo : RNZAF)

P-3K2 Radar

The successful signing of a radar simulator procurement contract between Beca Applied Technologies and the Royal New Zealand Air Force has been announced by the RNZAF Capability Directorate.

The P-3K2 Orion radar trainer acquisition was endorsed by former Assistant Chief of Air Force Capability, Group Captain Tony Davies, and Beca Applied Technologies General Manager, Mr Thomas Hyde, at the recent Defence Industry Conference in Wellington.

The radar trainer is designed to simulate the ELTA 2022 radar fitted to the P-3K2 Orion and will be used to prepare ab-initio radar operator students for whole-of-crew integration and flying training.

The radar trainer design is based on a development of the P-3K Orion upgrade project training system, for which Beca Applied Technologies already provide support as an established long term partner.

Assimilation with existing training resources will permit the radar trainer to operate using the same controls and displays as the aircraft, which is important for supporting efficient and high value training. In addition to this, upgrades to the radar trainer can be easily harmonised with improvements made to the aircraft, which means the simulation has the potential to remain effective throughout the complete P-3K2 Orion operational life cycle.

The radar trainer will consist of six student workstations and three controlling instructor operator stations, similar to the illustrated concept drawing.

The design includes a comprehensive training scenario development capability for creating, managing and delivering realistic training exercises using a wide range of vehicles and environmental conditions.

All key P-3K2 Orion radar functions and characteristics have been included in the radar trainer design specification, which supports the achievement of high training standards and effective preparation for operating the real radar in the air.

The development of the radar trainer has been rapid since the contract signing, with the preliminary design review already successfully completed.

Delivery to the P-3K2 Orion Training Design Team is scheduled for late 2010, when the radar trainer will be integrated into P-3K2 Orion Squadron transition and operational conversion training courses.

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