10 Januari 2010

Malaysia Buys MRTP Boats

10 Januari 2010

Yonca Onuk's MRTP (photo : Militaryphotos)

The Fast Intervention Boats are Manufactured by the Turkish Enterprise Yonca-Onuk

Malaysia decided to buy Kaan class MRTP (Multi Role Tactical Platform) fast intervention boats designed by the Turkish industrial-scale enterprise Yonca-Onuk.

The company developed partnership with Malaysia’s state-run company and marketing of the composite craft was agreed on following a nearly two year-long test course. The joint company BYO Marine is preparing to ink a deal with Malaysian government on the purchase of 7 boats.

The boats can speed up to 120 kilometers on sea.

The decision makes Malaysia the second country in the world to manufacture fast intervention boats, following the United Arab Emirates. Georgia and Pakistan are also underway for production of the Kaan class MRTP boats.

The craft will be on display at the International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition that will be held in Lima in 2010.


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