08 Januari 2010

FNSS to Realize the AAPC Modernization Project for Philippines

8 Januari 2010

Upgraded M113 (ACV300) delivered from FNSS. The company has also exported Armored Recovery Vehicle to Philippines Armed Forces. The company recently won a contract from Philippines to deliver upgraded Armored Personnel Carriers. (photo : Timawa)

FNSS has signed an agreement with the Philippines Army to modernized used AAPC vehicles that have already been procured from the excess inventory of another army.

During the proposal evaluation period the qualification committee from the Philippine Army visited FNSS and after examining its capabilities, FNSS has been qualified.

After the visit FNSS was found to be suitable for the awarding the contract and contract preparation studies have started after the letter of guarantee was issued.

Vehicles within the scope of the project are used vehicles modified from AAPC vehicles with old configuration, and will have new and more powerful engine in addition to an automatic transmission.

Moreover new sub-system such as spall protection and fire supression systems will be integrated. An improved mobility characteristic is also among qualities.


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