15 Oktober 2015

Locally Made Target Drone and UAV

15 Okober 2015

Over 20 years of research, design, manufacture, PK-KQ Technical Institute has produced a variety of unmanned aerial vehicle (all photos : QDND) 

QĐND Online - From the early 1990s, the Institute of Engineering Division of the Air Force (People's Air Force-KQ) has been tasked with producing the unmanned aircraft, in service to the mission of the army artillery training. These categories were first plane shipped, while it is the target aircraft M-96, M-100.

Along with the development of professional qualification of the research staff, the progress of science and technology, and by demanding mission requirements, so far, engineering staff of PK-KQ introduces UAV 02 types of unmanned aerial vehicle, with specifications, and tactical qualification superior than M-96, M-100. 

The unmanned aircraft, not only meet the needs of artillery training, but also can perform reconnaissance missions, as a goal for SU-30MK2 aircraft, missiles S-300, etc.

Newspapers Online QĐND introduce the readers some pictures fabrication, assembly and test features of the unmanned aerial vehicle at the factory as well as activities related to the mission of this aircraft.


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