07 Oktober 2015

Vietnam Successfully Produced Anti-Tank Inland

07 Oktober 2015

DCT-7 and SCT-29 anti-tank gun (all photos : Kienthuc)

Recently, Vietnam has successfully test-fired inland ammunition DCT-7 and anti-tank gun SCT-29.

To date, in addition to successfully produce of ammunition for SCT-29 anti-tank guns, the Vietnamese military weapons scientist has designed, manufactured of shot glasses for usage at night and daytime specifically for this type of gun.

Firing test results DCT-7 antitank succeed this time greatly increases the strength of the infantry in combat and is an affirmation to the strong development of the defense industry in Vietnam.

Previously, Vietnam had successfully produced antitank guns SCT-29, has many advantages compared with other types of grenade launchers antitank shoulder-like B-40, B-41 both in range and power damage.

Many developing countries in the world show military equipment of tanks, armored vehicle has bulletproof armor thicker to enhance self-protection on the battlefield.

The successful manufacture of ammunition DCT-7 and anti-tank gun SPG-9 is very big significantly increases the strength of the military forces. Because guns are not only accompanied by infantry personnel but also set out a number of armored vehicles, pickups, ... in order to increase mobility on the battlefield.

The successful fabrication of SCT-29 anti-tank guns and especially ammunition DCT-7 also help improve the autonomy in production and manufacture weapons, to meet the requirements of training and combat readiness of troops, significantly reduced defense spending, and saving the state budget.


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