23 Oktober 2015

Russia will Supply Kazakhstan and Vietnam Equipment for Airfields

23 Oktober 2015

In 2016 Kazakhstan, and Vietnam will receive electronic navigation systems near RSBN-4 nm and landing radiobeacon group PRMG-76UM. (photo : Baomoi)

MOSCOW - RIA Novosti. Russia will supply Kazakhstan and Vietnam, equipment for airports, told RIA Novosti the developer-producer exported systems, "Joint instrument-corporation" (included in "Rostec").

"The contract provides for delivery of goods" turnkey "in 2016 at two airfields in Kazakhstan", - said the official.

It is a navigation and landing systems (includes instrumental landing system (ILS), long-range and azimuthal beacons) to equip air field networks, including for the Air Defense Forces of Kazakhstan.

The Vietnamese side in the fourth quarter of 2015 to get a third party in four years of radio range navigation system RSBN-4 nm and landing radiobeacon group PRMG-76UM. 

Technique allows to determine the aircraft during flight, airplanes result in the set point and the clock to carry out land without requiring the constant presence of people.

Earlier, Russia has already supplied communications equipment to Vietnam for military airfields to create channels of communication and data exchange with tactical aircraft Su-27SKM, Su-30MK2, Su-35 and others.

(RIA Novosti)

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