26 Oktober 2015

Polaris Defense Partners with Weststar

26 Oktober 2015

Polaris Defense MRZR (photo : Polaris)

American company Polaris Defense has partnered with Malaysian company Weststar in order to promote its MRZR light tactical vehicle to the Malaysian military and law enforcement agencies, Shephard learned at GPEC Asia.

The company has had international success with the MRZR with customers in the UK and the US as well as recently signing a contract with Eastern Sabah Security Command (ESSCOM) in Malaysian for a number of the vehicles.

‘There is a trend globally towards a lighter all-terrain vehicle and this is why we are hoping that we can tap into the Asian Market,’ Steve Hersman, business development manager at Polaris told Shephard. 

‘The partnership with Weststar will also allow for service and maintenance to be carried out on the vehicles locally, if they are selected, rather than having to remain in the US,’ Hersman added.

The MRZR can be transported via a CV-22 and can be configured in a variety of ways depending on the customer requirement. Two versions of the MRZR are available: one capable of carrying two people including the driver, the other for four.

The company began deliveries of the MRZR to the US Special Operations Command in August 2015 as part of a sole source contract worth $83 million. The contract was awarded as part of the light tactical all-terrain vehicle (LTATV) programme in July of the same year.

Under a blanket purchase agreement, Polaris Defense has been delivering MRZR vehicles to USSOCOM since 2013.

Meanwhile Weststar subsidiary, Global Komited, signed a contract with the Ministry of Home Affairs Malaysia for the procurement of eight IAG armoured personnel carriers (APC) at GPEC Asia in 21 October. The contract is valued at 16 million Ringgit (around £2.4 million).

The vehicles will be deployed under the provision of the Royal Malaysian Police’s security operations and deliveries of the vehicles are expected to be completed at the end of November 2015.

The IAG APC is a twin turbo diesel engine high mobility vehicle which makes use of a COTS chassis. The vehicle armour is designed to protect the driver and passengers from any angle with the floor designed to be resistant to incoming blasts from any angle.

The vehicle has a weight of 4,940kg and a maximum payload of up to 1,000kg and can be equipped with a roof mounted turret. 


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