03 Agustus 2016

Philippine's Wildcat Helos Equipped with Korean Torpedo

03 Agustus 2016

LIG Blue Shark lighweight torpedo and White Shark heavy weight torpedo (photo : kwangaeto)

Domestic torpedo ride 'Wildcats' for the first export

Cheongsangeo is the Navy's torpedo to be selected as the next maritime helicopter operations mounted in Britain about a month and then AgustaWestland AW-159, namely the Wildcats coming into the country. The Philippines also purchase the Wildcats and systems integrated with Cheongsangeo selected as the Wildcats maritime helicopter operations. Countries would have to choose the Wildcats to the maritime helicopter operations occur again in the future every time Cheongsangeo is likely to be exported.

The Philippines has contract with AgustaWestland to buy a horse Wildcats last two months. Anti-submarine weapon is going Cheongsangeo the First Battle of Tan Tan and training 4 to 8 feet along. 70 billion won. Although there is a large sum, but then the first torpedo exports means. Since the torpedo maintenance and purchase additional demand LIG Nex1 are expected to earn more than twice the exports of this in the Philippines.

AgustaWestland officials said that "good price-performance ratio of the integrated Cheongsangeo-Wildcats and systems," said, "We will be selling fitted to Cheongsangeo The Wildcats offshore helicopter operations." Export outlook is bright for Cheongsangeo means.

Cheongsangeo can cast a slight sound of a submarine in the developing world the 7th gyeongeoroe to rush to the maximum speed of 83km in the water. The destructive power of a directional warhead is enough to penetrate even thick steel plate of 1.5m.

AW-159 Wildcat practising torpedo attacks (photo : Royal Navy)

Future maritime helicopter operations 'Wildcat'

Defense corruption tempest was blowing offshore wind in the arms export bantomak the confidence of Korean weapons hitting the floor. The Wildcats are going to put Cheongsangeo helicopter directly under the defense corruption allegations. The irony.

The Wildcats have been under suspicion in many distortions. "The anti-submarine operations can fly Wildcats hours 38 minutes to 3 hours and 20 minutes exerts far short of the American MH-60R" asserts that first. Speaking at the parliamentary audit came out three years ago was a logical one competitor AgustaWestland production.

In February, the Navy conducted tests Wildcats accepted in the UK Yeovil Wildcats was equipped with sonar and flew for more than three hours. Performance requirements for military operations ROC 2 neokkeunhi time has met for 40 minutes. Mounting Cheongsangeo add 2 feet and was flying for more than two hours. "38 minutes flying time operation 'claims will now be cleared.

Late last year, some influential media "when the Wildcats to grab an enemy submarine at sea even heard on Yeonpyeong 2nd Fleet in Pyeongtaek excluding travel time can be operational 24 minutes," it reported. "Sortie 24 minutes Pyeongtaek operations" is not a performance of the Lynx Wildcat helicopter operations in the current Sea Navy. Also mounted on the trap gotta have distorted the facts as operating offshore operations helicopter operating in the sea like in the land.

Offshore helicopter operations are left reeling raise the dipping sonar speed issues fell into the sea. ROC is not eotneunde ahguseuta Westland practitioners take the one that ruins their greed and excessive speed agreement.

Navy and concluded, "The superior stopping capability of the public Wildcats offset slower rate than drilling contract." DAPA is working to modify the contract in accordance with the opinion of the soldiers took the Navy. Korean maritime helicopter operations Wildcats following four months, comes another four generations of the year.


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