01 Agustus 2016

Vietnam Successfully Manufactured Equipment for SPYDER

01 Agustus 2016

MH-VN1 system (photo : BaoDatViet)

According to Phòng không, on 25/7, the Air PK-KQ has conducted factory acceptance of  VN1 (MH-VN1) is used in combination SPYDER air defense missile.

Through the actual inspection, the Council unanimously Acceptance evaluation MH-VN1 products ensures full equipment, new manufactured parts with high reliability, application of new technologies, meets the criteria parameters closely, tactic approved, eligible for installation, pairing combinations used on SPYDER air defense missile.

The successful manufacture MH-VN1 products confirmed the capacity and intelligence of staff, staff PK-KQ Technical Institute in researching, designing and manufacturing the new product, service missions of the Air and Army PK-KQ, meet mission requirements in the new situation.

Vietnam The MH-acceptance system significantly VN1 particularly important because this is one of the important components of the complex SPYDER air defense missile when it is not for identification devices are not intended to distinguish the enemy - It ensures not shoot the wrong target in combat.

Thus, along with the signing of procurement contracts SPYDER air defense missiles from Israel's modern, the Air PK-KQ has deployed multiple components simultaneously is particularly important in order to ready to receive and put combination new missile on staffing, training, combat readiness.

Specifically: - the Air organizing training courses in English and basic engineering for the officers and past officers to carefully selected from units across the Air PK-equipped precedence KQ combinations SPYDER air defense missile new generation.

- According to the plan receiving new weapons, the units have been actively fostering foreign language (English) at the unit and developed on the battlefield to meet technical requirements, tactical missiles of this modern lines .

- Organizations receiving thoughtful, put on the safety unit training to deploy immediately, quickly master new weapons and modern, ready to protect the airspace assigned. And one of the important part is to study successfully manufactured and put into mass production machines distinguish asked MH-VN1 our enemy.

There are devices that help the team in this missile is equipped units combinations early SPYDER target identification, decision to expel a projectile, ensuring not been shot by mistake, do not miss opportunities to kill the enemy, complete the assigned tasks, not to be surprised by the national situation from the air.

This event marks an important step in both mature and qualified equipment manufacturing technology master device comes, help the detachment equipped SPYDER missile exploit technical features - the tactics of line air defense missile new generation, modern.


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