07 Januari 2017

Govt Explores Potential of Exporting Sukhoi Bombs from East Java

07 Januari 2017

Live bomb produce by PT Sari Bahari (photo : Sari Bahari)

The Indonesian government wants to export more locally manufactured weapons in an effort to boost the defense industry in the country.

In its latest measure, the government has explored the possibility of exporting bombs produced by a manufacturer in Malang, East Java, for Sukhoi jet fighters.

“If their products cannot be fully used domestically, they should export them. The problem is, exporting weapons is not purely a commercial matter. There are non-trade issues we must also settle,” said Coordinating Economic Minister Darmin Nasution during a visit to weapons manufacturer PT Sari Bahari‘s factory in Malang on Thursday.

Communications and Information Minister Rudiantara, Public Works and People’s Housing Minister Basoeki Hadimoeljono and East Java Governor Soekarwo were also present. During the visit, Darmin explored Sari Bahari’s business situation, including its production capacity.

Bomb casing produce by PT Sari Bahari (phoro : elisabethnovita28)

With another weapons manufacturer, PT Dahana, PT Sari Bahari is now producing various primary defense systems (alutsista). They include the P-100 and P-250 bombs, which are for practice and to carry live warheads, the P-500 live bomb, 70 and 80 mm warheads for both smoke bombs and real explosives, the Petir missile target drone and the Rocketpod 7 tube launcher.

Sari Bahari president director Ricky Hendrik Egam said several parties were interested in buying the bombs produced by the company.

“They have conveyed their interest in buying bombs [for Sukhoi jet fighters],” said Ricky. He said Sari Bahari once exported hundreds of 70 mm smoke warheads to the Chilean Air Force.

Currently, Sari Bahari is focusing on producing up to 100 bombs per day to fulfil the needs of the Indonesian Air Force’s military exercises. Every year, Indonesian pilots conduct bombing exercises using thousands of P-100 bombs produced by Sari Bahari.

The bombs produced by the Malang company for the Sukhoi jet are sold at competitive prices and consist of 90 percent local components.

(The Jakarta Post)

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  1. Great, RMAF could use this bomb too. But does the company produce smart bomb or just conventional bomb?

    1. agreed. if it's smart bomb than rmaf could really use it but if it's just dumb bomb than no need. sme ordnance has already produce their own dumb bomb.

    2. Well.. As far as i know, They do test their own wing stabilization parts and PT.LEN does help on the guidance system.

    3. Development of smart or guides bomb is still far out of reach if the company decided to develop on its own. JV with foreign arm manufacturer is the fastest way to develop such bomb.

  2. Bom pintar sudah diuji coba belom ya.
    Kok progressnya gak kedengaran lagi.

  3. Bom pintar masih dalam pengembangan oleh pt.pindad butuh waktu untuk siap berdinas di AU

  4. guwe lebih demen serangan pake bom "bodoh" lbh murah dan pastinya anti jamming haha!

    syg pesawat pembom jarak jau kita opa tu 16 dah pensiun.

    cn 235/c295 dikonversi jd pesawat bomber lucu jg kali yak tp keburu kena setut rudal manpad haha!