05 Januari 2017

Royal Malaysian Navy Takes Conditional Delivery of Hydrography Ship

05 Januari 2017

KD Perantau hydrographic survey (photo : Secure Malaysia)

The Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) has taken conditional delivery of the hydrographic survey ship KD Perantau from Boustead Naval Shipyards (BNS), the service announced via an official social media account.

The ship had undergone a number of upgrades at the shipyard, including the installation of new bridge equipment and integrated systems supplied by Raytheon Ansch├╝tz.

According to IHS Jane's Fighting Ships, the 1,900-tonne Perantau has an overall length of 67.8 m, an overall beam of 13.3 m, and a hull draught of 4 m. The vessel is equipped with four multipurpose boats, three winches, and two cranes that can be used to launch survey equipment.


3 komentar:

  1. Considering these are one of the ship classes that's going to get the axe, which of the new ship classes are going to replace these in functionality? It shouldn't be that hard if you look at the equipment listed here.

    Or are they going to keep on outsourcing the boats?

  2. I think outsourcing the servey ship is cheaper plus u get to use sophisticated comercial equipments...how many days do you need to servey the sea?its a good move by TLDM u pay only when u need to use them.

  3. Its time we get use to the terms outsourcing certain functions in the armforces that drain financial recources but seldom being use...example servey jobs..transportation of big equipments n manpower..all these can be charter from private companies..reduction of manpower in the logistic thus be
    reduced..even storages of strategic spare parts of military hardware can be storedin a private logistic hub instead of the arm forces needing to have a big storages in their military facilities..