24 Agustus 2017

NORINCO Parades First VT4 Tanks for Thailand

24 Agustus 2017

NORINCO has recently paraded the VT4 MBTs it is producing for Thailand. Thailand is the first known export customer for the VT4. The Thai order, placed in 2016, is for 28 tanks (photo : Norinco)

NORINCO has paraded the first batch of VT4 main battle tanks (MBTs) that have been produced for Thailand at its Armour and Anti-armour Day demonstration for potential export customers.

The demonstration took place in the Inner Mongolia Region on 16 August and demonstrated the capabilities of the VT2B and VT4 MBTs and VT5 light MBT in cross-country manoeuvres and firing drills. The demonstration began with a parade of AFVs that included six vehicles recently built for Thailand and painted in a disruptive pattern camouflage. The display followed an earlier video released by China Central Television that provided an insight into the production line of the VT4s.

Thailand placed the VT4 order with NORINCO in 2016 following a delayed and disrupted contract with Ukraine for the Oplot MBT. The Royal Thai Army (RTA) subsequently selected the VT4 following a competition with the Russian T-90 and South Korean K1A1 MBTs, the deal reflecting closer strategic ties between Thailand and China. The VT4s will form part of the MBT fleet that will replace the ageing US-built tanks that remain in service with the RTA as well as increasing the size and capabilities of the force.


6 komentar:

  1. selamat datang 403 submarine yg secara diam2 sudah sampai laut sulawesi

  2. Ok, a simple thing make u happy...
    Ok, RI's sub is old tech so can't dive. In the same time learn to produce submarine.
    Ok, RI's ship all is broken. So china's fisher can steal fish. In the same time, produce warship and able to export.
    Ok, RI's jet fighter is downgrade and second hand. So we will buy some SU-35 and learn to produce jet fighter.
    Ok, RI's MBT is downgrade and second hand. But I'm still proud, couse some country haven't. In the same time, learn to produce, start with medium tank.
    So, what...? Any country will attack RI? Why not? Hello....

  3. aye....aye kapten......dive...dive...target to surabaya...another one to sulawesi

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