25 Agustus 2017

Vietnam Self-Repair Its C-295M Aircraft

25 Agustus 2017

C-295M aircraft of the Vietnam Air Force (photo : BaoDatViet)

In order to keep the aircraft in optimum condition and avoid being dependent on the outside, Vietnam was able to repair its next-generation C-295M.

In the recent article "918 brigade to improve the quality of aviation engineering guarantee" of the newspaper PK-KQ has uploaded photos show that Vietnamese officers and officers are repairing airplanes themselves. The latest in the Vietnam Air Force - the C-295M.

Before this move, Vietnam was able to repair and upgrade most of its fighter jets, including the Su-30MK2 and Su-27. Recently, in the article "Success through initiative, creativity" posted in the People's Council newspaper said, the A32 factory has repaired and successfully tested 30 aircraft of all kinds, ensuring Good technical indicators and handover to the unit.

In addition, the plant replaced four oil tankers and repaired the Su-30MK2's enhanced aircraft fuel system; Production of 188 fuel pipes, special high pressure hoses, special airborne TZM.

C-295M aircraft of the Vietnam Air Force. (photo : Soha)

The A32 factory also repairs and replaces parts and components for air defense units; Repair hydraulic control system to rotate the radar antenna on board; Fabrication and machining of components for X51 Factory and General Department of Defense Industry.

In order to meet the requirements and tasks of repairing aviation technology, the factory has promoted the spirit of self-reliance and self-reliance, promoting collective intelligence, designing hundreds of mechanical drawings for processing and manufacturing. Components, spare parts, technical supplies for repair and production.

Not only that, the A32 plant compiles a variety of documents, including bilingual materials, especially the large reprocessing technology, increasing the Su-22 and Su-27 airframes.

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