09 November 2015

Avia Satcom Unveils its C2AFS Battlefield Management System

09 November 2015

Avia Satcom launch control and command artillery in Defense & Security 2015 (all photos : TAF)

Avia Satcom unveiled its artillery battle management system at Defense & Security 2015.

C2AFS is then battlefield management system developed by Avia Satcom for artillery operation. The system portray operation picture and link tactical data between each sensors and shooters. Target ca be seen at the shooter via Target Data Terminal to improve the situation awareness and provide the option over the traditional voice command.

“We send our developer to the 8-months doctrine class at Royal Thai Army Artillery Center before developing the system to make them fully understand the RTA artillery’s concept of operation and produce the system that work along with that”, Avia Satcom said

The system will go through the evaluation and approval process from RTA military standardization committee before entering the market.

The Thai defense company also demonstrate their hardware in the loop testing system for UAV. The self-developed system simulate the flight environment and record the engineering data and display the simulated 3D video to make testing more efficient and meet the world-class military standard. The system played a key role in Black Kite UAV deployment, the company self-funding unmanned aircraft.

Avia Satcom also join force with Mahanakron University to establish the Mahanakorn and Avia for Sustained Innovation research center or MASI to cooperate with academic expert to produce the commercialized innovation. THER EOD robot, the first product of the center is example of the philosophy. Its robot arm technology also win the sell contact to hard disk factory.

The company also involving in the system integration of RTN new high-performance frigate.


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