16 November 2015

Russia Offers RPG-30 Anti-Tank Gun to Vietnam

16 November 2015

RPG-30 anti-tank rocket (photo : S Gurov)

Army Recognition said at exhibition of Defense and Security 2015 in Bangkok, the Russian company Bazalt weapons for the first time experimental demonstration sample fired RPG-30 antitank gun belongs to the most advanced.

RPG-30 is known as an anti-tank grenade form first and only one in the world has the ability to disable any of the lines remedies main battle tanks relaxation.

RPG-30 anti-tank gun was Bazalt specially designed to destroy enemy tanks forces even if they are fitted with explosive reactive armor system multilayered, besides all other armored vehicles.

Besides, at this exhibition company Bazalt also introduced two new fuser ammunition for antitank grenade launcher RPG-7 myths include stem cells and stem cell-7L-7VL. Both of these bullets can be used to disable the infrastructure or defensive positions or armored vehicles of the enemy, both are equipped with bullet warhead fragments and causes vegetarian.

Bazalt booth also introduced smart bombs PBK-500U SPBE-K can be deployed in all series of weather, even though it also can disable measures electronic jamming of enemy. 

PBK-500U Besides the bomb ODAB-500PMV samples can be deployed at a height of 200 meters - 12.000 and it is easily integrated with any type helicopters and fighter jets Russian-made.


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