10 November 2015

'Bushmaster' Cannons Give BRP Ramon Alcaraz Close-In Punch

10 November 2015

The actual Mk.38 Mod.2 gun on BRP Ramon Alcaraz (photo : Timawa)

Manila (PNA) --- The ability of the BRP Ramon Alcaraz (PF-16) to engage targets too close for its 76mm Oto Melara main gun to fire on was greatly boosted with the recent installation of two Mark 38 Model 2 "Bushmaster" 25mm auto-cannons.

This was disclosed by PN public affairs office chief Cmdr Lued Lincuna in a message to the PNA.

He added BRP Ramon Alcaraz's "Bushmaster" cannons gave the Filipino secondary armament capability as the ship can now engage hostile small craft that gets too close to the ship.

The two 25mm auto-cannons are located at the left and right side of the Filipino frigate.

The weapons were fitted last November 2014.

The PN earlier announced that installation of the "Bushmaster" on the two Gregorio Del Pilar-class frigates will greatly increase the surface warfare capability of the said vessels.

Surface warfare refers to the capability to detect, engage, and if necessary sink naval ships or unidentified vessels that may intrude in the country's vast territorial waters.

The weapon, commissioned by the US Navy following the terrorist attack on the USS Cole in 2000, was designed to counter high-speed maneuvering surface targets and will be installed in almost all US surface ships by 2015.

The remotely controlled chain gun system can fire as many as 180 25m rounds per minute at targets as far as two kilometers.


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