11 November 2015

The Purchase of Russian Helicopters for the Army of Thailand will Continue

11 November 2015

Mi-17 helicopters have proven themselves in the armed forces of Thailand, for certain supplies from Russia will continue, according to a senior source at the main headquarters of the Royal Thai Army. (photo : Puwanai Pasakul)

BANGKOK - RIA Novosti. Purchases Thai army Russian helicopters will continue in the future, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, a senior source at the main headquarters of the Royal Thai Army.

"Thailand will certainly be in the future to buy Russian helicopters," - said the spokesman, who visited on the eve of the Russian pavilion at the international exhibition "Defense and Security 2015" which finishes work on Thursday in Bangkok.

"Mi-17 helicopters purchased in Russia, already well established in the armed forces. These helicopters in their tactical and technical characteristics closely match the operating conditions in Thailand and at the same time can carry up to 30 troops, which greatly exceeds the performance of comparable with them helicopters others producer countries, "- said the representative of the Chief of Staff.

He added that the purchase of Mi-17 Thailand "in no way was not an accident."

"We knew these machines, they have long been in service with our closest neighbors and partners in ASEAN. In Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam, the troops operated dozens of helicopters, more than half of them - not even Russian, and even Soviet-made. MI - 8 / MI - 17 - is one of the most suitable for our region types of helicopters they will be flying in the skies of Southeast Asia for many years ", - said the source.

The exercises, which took place with the participation of the Mi-17, showed that these helicopters are most effective in anti-terrorist and rescue operations, where success depends on the rapid movement to the place of operation soldiers in a platoon, moreover, MI - 17 good job and medical evacuation operations, the source said.

"It's very reliable and durable machine with a very attractive price-performance ratio," - said the agency.

(RIA Novosti)

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