16 November 2015

New Tank Transporter for TNI AD

16 November 2015

Mercedes Benz Doll tank transporter (photo : Indomesin)

Indomesin won the project to supply MERCEDES BENZ - DOLL Tank Transporter for Indonesian Army. 

These 6x6 Transporter had capability to lift 70 Ton Tank, such as Leopard 2A4 and Marder. 

This transporter will be assembled in Indomesin workshop, and Indomesin try to achieve 35% local content for the final product. 

Welcome for a new era of MERCEDES DEFENCE in Indonesia.

Indomesin has experienced in a Joint Production Tank Transporter Drive Train System, it can handle 80T total tank weight such as Leopard etc. 

Not like any traditional transporter, this transporter using all steerable axles, that can rotate freely to follow head truck movement. With pneumatic suspension, and 24 tyres, this transporter will easily takes any tanks anywhere in the battlefield.


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