20 November 2015

Discover Naval Power of Laos

20 November 2015

A river patrol boat of the Lao People's Navy (photo : Soha)

Although there is no sea but Laos has organized a force "Navy" to make operational management tasks boats on the Mekong River.

Lao People's Navy (Lao People's Navy - LPN) was founded in 1975 based on the remaining ruins of the Royal Navy Laos . Scale at the time of 1994 included 20 river patrol boats and 16 canoes landed, total troop numbers to around 500 people.

Despite its title, "navy", but this is just a unit specialized border activity on the Mekong River, is responsible for managing borders neighboring countries bordering Thailand and no combat troops on set as Marines.

Canoe river patrol on the Lao People's Navy (photo : Soha)

According to reports, the current time in Laos Navy payroll all 12 coastal patrol vessels are Vietnam aid, this may be the class patrol boats stationed in Soviet Shmel. Besides the four mechanized landing craft used by Vietnam also transferred.

Occupying the largest number in the "Fleet" Navy Laos is 40-50 Chinese patrol boats produced and some of them stretch boat provided by the US in the decade period from 1960 to 1970.

Similarly the other armed forces, most of the officers, Navy officers are trained Laos Naval Academy in Vietnam specialized in advising commanders tactical as well as maintenance, technical maintenance.

Sang to the second decade of the 21st century, has not recorded any significant changes are made ​​to the equipment or the structure of the Navy Laos, this is still a small force in component 's Army Lao People.

Combat forces of Laos Navy already sparse under-evaluated today declining capacity, because their vehicles have very high life span and are increasingly degraded, while additional alternative sources still not forthcoming.


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