12 November 2015

RTN Show Interest in Khareef-class Corvette

12 November 2015

Khareef class corvette (photo : soldiers image)

Royal Thai Navy show its interest in BAE 99 meters corvette.

The class is currently being deliver to Royal Navy of Oman as the Khareef-class corvette. The design was derived from River-class OPV in which RTN bought as the HTMS Karbi. The corvette will have a significant improved capability and capable of handling 12-tons helicopter.

RTN has a requirement of another two OPV (excluding the second OPV currently building). In the longer term, ThaiArmedForce.com believe that RTN will have a requirement of the corvette/frigate to replace HTMS Pinkao, HTMS Tapi, HTMS Kirirat, and HTMS Makutrachakuman.


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