13 November 2015

Military Zone 2 Accept Upgraded Armored Vehicles BTR-152

13 November 2015

Armored vehicles BTR-152. (photo : QDND)

QĐND Online - On 6-11, in Tuyen Quang Provincial Military Headquarters, Council accepted technical improvements Military Region 2 were conducting test improvements, upgraded diesel Armoured vehicles of BTR-152.

In this phase, the Command of Military Zone 2 has accepted 5 Armoured vehicles BTR-152 of Tuyen Quang Provincial Military Headquarters. The car has improved, diesel-powered replacement for gasoline engines before, mounted clutch, new gear box; converted into the steering hydraulic booster; signal system installation, lights, horn priorities, mirrors; maintenance level 2 drivetrain, brakes, suspension runs, cooling; fix wiper installation, fire, blower, machine information, chairs, cushions, optics, weapons under the car. After improvements, upgrade the car has been testing activities in the different sugars, particularly has been tested in sports coaching at school and perform tasks maneuver.

Through activities, vehicles have good technical condition, the cluster system synchronized car stable operation, with high maneuverability in any terrain. Through direct checks and held for driving at different terrains, Council accepted technical improvements Military Region 2 has appreciated the results and quality of the content upgrade, improvement of vehicle BTR- 152 and agreed to vehicles operated service training missions, ready to fight.


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