10 November 2015

Vietnam Successfully Built Modern Anti-aircraft Artillery

10 November 2015

Gun ZU-23-2 overall after improvements. (photo : Television QPVN)

In reportage "Exploitation VKTBKT modern master" QPVN Television introduced new gun study by Vietnam fabricate, operate automatically only single one gunner.

Known here as self-propelled gun was the engineer of the Institute of Automation of Military Engineering (Institute of Military Science and Technology) researchers successfully made on the basis of upgrading, improving flak trailers ZU-23-2 twin-barrel 23mm size.

When put on the payroll, new gun will make a huge change in quality, better service for warfare on sea and islands, while marking a significant development of the defense industry Vietnam especially the field of automation.

ZU-23-2 cannon itself though not through the upgrade has many advantages such as compact can be used for both air defense mission, the target in the sea, on land particularly suitable for maritime warfare , places difficult to provide the kind of large fire.

However, guns have not yet been upgraded and there are some restrictions as combat team consists of up to 5 people, including 2 main gunner and three waiters, making the assurance of relatively difficult.

Besides, to kill the target, because it is not controlled by radar should be angled gunners evil, manually turning azimuth target coordinates should only relative, not absolute accuracy possible.

Also, fireworks can only assess the effect of the good weather during the day, while hit night and beat the bad weather conditions is limited.

Therefore, the upgrade will both eliminate the drawbacks, both utilize and promote the advantages of this kind of firepower Vietnam versatile.

Joystick allows gunners to manipulate the direction and radiation level adjustment extremely easy click gameplay. (photo: Television QPVN)

These outstanding features after upgrade

First, the full legacy features of the line Specifications ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft artillery caliber 23mm as lightweight, easy to maneuver, shoot fast, creating huge fire screen to kill all aerial targets , on land and on the sea.

Second, completely automated with the electrical system and advanced fire control.

Fire control system integrated with the new laser distance meter and infrared image processing, enables the gunner to observe, identify target range, calculation and control element artillery fire, according element viewfinder fire has been determined automatically.

Ensure enhance combat efficiency, increased ability to destroy targets in the air and on the sea regardless of day and night conditions.

Stand-tin pan directly on the wheels electrically driven rotary cannon serves as a viewfinder automatically identifying functional medium range and automatically change the range and direction angle by angle created between electronic optical axis to azimuth and angle of the cannon misconduct.

Cannon and ammunition bound together into one unified complex weapons, so tactical specifications of heterogeneous systems, integral with weapons and ammunition in the center cannon.

Joystick-style joystick allows gunners to manipulate the direction and radiation level adjustment extremely easy click gameplay. Of course, between the game and real life are completely different, but can say to see the improvements brought practical utility for the Gunners.

Third, rapid mobility. This is a vital element in air defense operations and maritime warfare.

When mounted on a truck chassis Vietnam actively Wild 3 Zil-131 bridge (6x6), the flak guns are capable of maneuver fast enough to overcome any terrain, change positions during battle Shortly, helped transform the game, stay ahead ambush, surprise.

Artillery and vehicles duo combined to create new powers. Only thing, whether high reliability, but if Zil-131 chassis is not that still use diesel of petrol engine, the high operating costs, especially fuel.

Because, when run wild Vietnam (off-road), for every 100 kilometers, the carriage will "drink" approximately 40 liters of petrol on the way in, but when it runs wild Vietnamese, depending on road conditions good, but it's different bad "eats" from 50 to 100 liters of gasoline.

In the future, when put into production and mass payroll if conditions permit, the gun should be mounted on the chassis of trucks Vietnam New Generation Wild 2 bridge initiative (4x4) as Gaz-3308 Sadko or Ural-43 206, the new car line, reliable, economical operation of Russia.

Fourth, reduced crew who fought from 4-5 down to only 1 person operation while maintaining all the features of artillery.

ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft artillery caliber 23mm (photo : BaoDat)

In addition, the structure of elephantiasis (hydraulic outriggers) operates completely automatically, making deployment quick, good stability, energy savings of detonators gunner.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Tran Ngoc Binh - Institute for Automation KTQS - Institute of Military Science and Technology:

"Before the upgrade, the crew gunner with the adults, offering maritime warfare very difficult. The requirement of improvement is reduce the number of people while at least, we have replaced the calculation, commander Shoot well as the whole team fought with only one gunner."


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