18 Mei 2016

Indonesian Army Awaiting Arrival of Leopard RI Main Battle Tanks

18 Mei 2016

Leopard 2 RI Main Battle Tanks (photos : defence.pk)

Indonesia awaiting arrival of German-made Leopard  RI main battle tanks.  Main Battle Tanks  awaiting delivery from Germany.

Indonesia sought and obtained approval for the purchase of 103 used Leopard 2A4 tanks from Bundeswehr stocks, along with 4 Büffel ARV (Bergepanzer), 3 Leguan AVLB bridge-laying tanks (Brückenlegepanzer) and 3 Kodiak AEV (Pionierpanzer). About 61 of Leopard 2A4 will be upgraded to Leopard 2RI Revolution standard by Rheinmetall. 

The used Leopard 2s have been modified to suit Indonesia’s tropical climate, therefore the Tanks are internally named Leopard 2RI (RI referring to “Republic of Indonesia”).

According to the schedule Rheinmetall send all orders of the  Indonesia army, in the fourth quarter 2016.

(Defence Blog)

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  1. Looks really similar to Leo2SG :)

  2. Different specs from L2SG.

    1. Actually it does very similar, even though the spec are bit different, overall it just a very little over the leo2SG.. juuust a little improvement compare to SG.

  3. Yes. L2sg is obsolete

  4. Pada obsolet te ora apa apa. 😉