02 Mei 2016

Thai Airways is Considers Selling A340 to RTAF

02 Mei 2016

A340 500 of the Thai Airways (photo : Marcel Hohl)

Source informed that the major shareholder may directed the Thai Aiways International to sell its A340 currently in storage to RTAF.

THAI previously operated 6 A340-600s and 4 A340-500. All aircrafts were decommissioned amid the high fuel price and low demand in the last decade.

"The sale is noy yet concluded. We need to consider the proposal" source said.

If procured, A340 will be commissioned in the 603 sqn. for personal transport.

"One concern is that the A340 is big. Maybe too big for RTAF. Fuel consumption rate is very high so it cost a lot" source added.


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