06 Mei 2016

Singapore Downselects Helicopter Contenders

06 Mei 2016

Singapore has a USD1 billion requirement to replace its ageing Super Puma helicopters that have been in service since the mid 1980s (photo : Phil Vabre)

Singapore has downselected Airbus and Leonardo-Finmeccanica to replace its ageing Aerospatiale AS332M Super Puma platforms, it was reported on 3 May.

 AgustaWestland AW 149 (photo : aviobook)

Sources familiar with the details of the procurement said that both European manufacturers will compete for the requirement to provide a dozen new helicopters to replace the 18 Eurocopter Super Pumas that have been fielded by the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) since 1985, the Reuters news agency said, adding that defence minister Ng Eng Hen noted a decision would be made "soon".

Neither company would comment to Reuters on the disclosure, but Airbus Helicopters could offer its recently relaunched H215/H215M (Super Puma/Cougar), H225/H225M (Caracal), or NH90 (Airbus Helicopters is the major stakeholder in the multinational programme); while Leonardo-Finmeccanica's chief medium-twin offering is the AgustaWestland AW149. While the company's AW159 Lynx Wildcat is available in both land- and sea-based configurations, it is probably too light to be considered for this particular requirement.

NHIndustries  (Airbus Helicopters is the major stakeholder) NH-90 (photo : militaryphotos) 

As noted by Reuters, the new helicopter would be required for both land- and sea-based applications, with the tender being worth some USD1 billion. No details about timelines were released.


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