26 Mei 2016

Thailand Received Another 10 Oplot Tanks

26 Mei 2016

Oplot main battle tanks (photo : andrei-bt)

As reported in the Thai social networks, 21 May 2016 iin the naval base of Sattahip naval vessel of Thailand was delivered to Ukraine next batch of ten tanks BM "MBT-T" manufactured by Kharkov state enterprise "Malyshev Plant" on the contract 2011. Thus, the total number of tanks under the contract, set in Thailand, reached 20. Unloading one of Thailand delivered in ten tanks BM "MBT-T" a third party made ​​the Kharkov state enterprise "Malyshev Plant" contract in 2011 of the year.

The tanks were made in pursuance of a contract worth more than $ 240 million, signed by GK "Ukrspetsexport" September 1, 2011 for the supply of Thai Army 49 new tanks "MBT-T" and two armored recovery vehicles based on them, with a maturity of the contract to the the end of 2014. Thailand is actually delivered to the launch customer tanks BM "Oplot" developed by SE "Kharkiv Machine Building Design Bureau named after Morozov," represents a further development of the family T-80U / UD.

Agreed shipping schedule BM "Oplot-T" under the contract is as follows: December 2012 - five cars, in August 2013 - 15 cars, in December 2013 - 15 cars, in August 2014 - 14 machines. Performance of the contract "Plant named after VA .Malysheva "started in April 2012 and the company has faced considerable difficulties in resuming production of the tank, after more than ten years' break. 

Under the contract, the first five tanks were to be handed over to the customer in December 2012, then for a period putting the Thai side of the first five tanks called in May 2013. In reality, the first five tanks "Oplot-T" made ​​under the contract, have been demonstrated in Kharkov only October 15, 2013, and delivered by sea to Thailand February 4, 2014. The second batch of five tanks "Oplot-T" was made ​​"Plant Malyshev name "to the beginning of 2015 and delivered in Thailand May 31, 2015. The third batch of ten tanks, "Oplot-T" has been completed with the production of the end of 2015 to April 2016 and reached Thailand's only now.


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  1. Jadi, indonesia,singapore,thailand adalah pengguna mbt termodern di asean dlm jumlah yg cukup lumayan?