02 Mei 2016

Thai Marine Corps to Raise Paramilitary Force

02 Mei 2016

RTMC exercise (photo : pantip, thaimarines46)

The Thai government has approved the raising of the Royal Thai Marine Corps' (RTMC's) first paramilitary counter-insurgency force. The new regiment of RTMC Rangers will join similar regiments under the command of the Royal Thai Army (RTA) as regular army and marine battalions are withdrawn from the insurgency-plagued southern border provinces and the volunteer light infantry units take up the point role in countering the Malay-Muslim separatist revolt.

Put forward by the Royal Thai Navy (RTN) - of which the RTMC is a subordinate branch - the proposal to raise the regiment was approved by the cabinet on 27 April following its endorsement by Thailand's Defence Council earlier in the month.


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