23 Maret 2017

Rafale Appears in the Lead as Malaysia Seeks New Fighter Jets - Defence Source

23 Maret 2017

Rafale jet fighter (photo : defence.pk)

Rafale appears in the lead as Malaysia seeks new fighter jets - defence source
France's Rafale fighter jet is emerging as the frontrunner as Malaysia looks to replace its aging fleet of combat aircraft, a source in the Southeast Asian nation's defence ministry said on Wednesday, despite narrowing its defence spending this year.

French President Francois Hollande was expected to make a pitch for the Rafale, made by Dassault Aviation SA, when he and his team visit Malaysia next week, the source said.

"The ministry's top leadership have been promoting the Rafale," said the source, who was not authorised to speak to media on the negotiations.

"It's been done in promotional material for LIMA, and even at top government meetings," the source said, referring to this week's biennial Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition.

Malaysia was looking to buy up to 18 jets in a deal potentially worth more than $2 billion, the source said.

Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein was reported in media as saying that the race for new fighter jets has narrowed down to the Rafale and the Eurofighter Typhoon, built by BAE Systems.

The plan is to replace the Royal Malaysian Air Force's (RMAF) squadron of Russian MiG-29 combat planes, nearly half of which are grounded.

Dassault, which declined comment when approached, has kept a low profile in the race. BAE has been on a consistent and public campaign over the past six years to win the Malaysia contract, even establishing a regional office in the capital, Kuala Lumpur.

Steve Osborne, BAE's sales director for military air and information for the Asia Pacific region, said the Typhoon had a good chance of landing the deal as the company already supplied defence equipment to Malaysia.

"We believe this gives the government of Malaysia the confidence in us that they may go with us...," said Osborne.

An industry and a government source with knowledge of the negotiations said any decision would take at least two more years, as Prime Minister Najib Razak is focused on more domestic concerns in the run up to national polls that must be held by 2018.

Malaysia cut its total defence budget by 12.7 percent to 15.1 billion ringgit ($3.41 billion) this year, as Najib grapples with growing public discontent over rising living costs.

Besides Dassault and BAE, other suitors courting Malaysia are Russia's Sukhoi and Sweden's SAAB, which is selling its single engine Gripen. See full article Reuters

Rafale jet fighter (photo : Vishal Jalapara)

Dassault : Rafale to serve your needs for 40 years

KUALA LUMPUR: With the Royal Malaysian Air Force’s multi-role combat aircraft (MRCA) replacement programme seemingly back on track, Rafale International believes its jet is well-placed to be the best bet for Malaysia.

With fighter aircraft undoubtedly being the most strategic weapon of any air force today, it said, both in terms of combat effectiveness and critical technologies, the Rafale is the right answer to conduct modern warfare safely and efficiently, thanks to its multi-role capabilities.

The consortium said there were three “must haves” of a true multi-role fighter aircraft a design, which is, from the onset, for carrying out all types of missions successfully, a cutting-edge mission system with the best sensors, and the sheer power of data fusion and an outstanding store carriage capability.

It said the Rafale is a twin-engine multi-role fighter aircraft that can carry out a wide range of missions, such as air policing and defensive counter air, air-to-ground precision attack, air-to-sea strike, nuclear deterrence, and air reconnaissance without having multiple fighter aircraft in an operation.

“This enables multiple missions to be carried in one sortie. Designed to be the sole combat aircraft in the French Air Force and Navy, being operated by the French armed forces in combat operations for more than a decade now, Rafale has proven its operational excellence in various theatres around the world.

“Having just one type of combat aircraft that fulfills multiple roles translates to highly efficient squadron maintenance and operations.”

Rafale International said the second “must have” has been fulfilled in the Rafale with its technologically-advanced sensors: active electronically scanned array radar, electronic warfare integrated self-protection system, front sector optronic system and datalink.

“The data fusion of information presents a unique tactical picture to the crew, increasing situation awareness and reducing pilot workload,” it said.

The Rafale, the consortium said, was able to take off at 2.5 times its empty weight, fulfilling the third “must have”.

“(It is capable of carrying) a large variety of mixed loads, offering the ability to conduct several types of missions in the same sortie. This allows flexibility in mission planning and execution.

“Its modular architecture ensures that the Rafale is ready for a wide spectrum of evolutions linked to future requirements, to increase its capacities in tomorrow’s integrated battlespace. With continuous upgrades, the Rafale is guaranteed to be operational for the next 40 years and beyond and is fully adaptable to any future needs.”

Rafale International believes recent successes in the sale of Rafale aircraft to India, Qatar and Egypt has proven that the Rafale is a worthy option for the world’s air forces, including RMAF.

“These further successes of the Rafale confirm the technological know-how and competencies of Dassault Aviation’s employees and of its 500 industrial partners. The contracts also illustrate the strategic relationship and the exemplary partnership maintained between France/Dassault Aviation and these countries and marks the natural culmination of the relationship of trust.

“The Rafale is combat-proven and is engaged in six theatres of operation, which demonstrates unstinting efficiency in protecting nations,” it said.

Should the Malaysian government procure the Rafale for RMAF, there will be benefits for local defence and aerospace industry players.

“The Rafale is produced by three aerospace leaders: Dassault Aviation, Safran and Thales. These companies are (already) collaborating with Malaysian partners, among which are local aerospace industry players that are, or will become, part of Rafale OEM’s Global Supply Chain, organisations and institutions involved in education, research and high technology development.

“We are committed to Malaysia and will continue to collaborate with local partners to develop, in particular, talents and skills of technology and entrepreneurship, in line with the (government’s) Economic Transformation Programme goals,” said the consortium.
See full article NST

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  1. before that shit post something about songlap here the list of contracts sign during lima 2017.

  2. Saya suka benda antiques dan ancient,saya ucapkan terima kasih karena TUDM tetap mempertahankan NURY dalam TUDM dan menaik tarafkannya .
    "Rosoboronexport, supply of missiles and ammunition for Sukhoi SU-30MKM (RM96 million)". Missile apa saja yang bisa dibeli dengan wang hanya RM 96 million..?

    1. Malaysia udah ready banyak stock missile buat sukhoi malah missile yg udah dibeli dari pelbagai jenis boleh diulang baca di pelbagai page military.
      Utk anti kpl aja udah punya 150 buah.
      Jika benar ada pembelian baru 96 milion itu satu berita baik.
      Jenis apa ya.

    2. Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.

  3. saya hanya baca Link dari @lukman khairul zaman ,entah iyya entah tidak ,150 missile untuk anti kapal? Ya iyyalah negara jaguh ,but most of them expired ...

    1. Itupun baru letter of intent bung....jadi baru minat saja...untuk kontrak dari linknya luqman hanya maintenance gakda pembelian alutsista baru

    2. yup the missiles contract are not sign yet but the letter of intent shows the budget allocated for it.

    3. Baru akan,mesti tunggu hibah wang raja arab kah kah kah

  4. The French are well known for their meticulously designed platforms. Look at the Allouete, still flying in some countries after more than 50 years. The Pumas and Gazelles are worthy workhorses of NATO and will do so for many years to come. Some countries still fly the Mirage after 30 years. After watching the Rafale performing in LIMA, it is surpassed only by the Su30 MKM, which has thrust vectoring. The Frenchies pilot is damn skilful and brave, flying the Rafale like a stuntman sponsored by Red Bull. I guess both the Rafale and Typhoon are Ok, but as the RMAF has always benefited from the Indian Air Force experience (Su 30 MKI vs Su 30MKM), I would not be surprised that Rafale will be chosen.

    1. Semua orang tahu mana yang terbaik.
      Banyak faktor lain yang menentukan sebuah produk di beli atau tidak .Misal faktor kedekatan politik,ekonomi ,kemudahan spare part,harga dan banyak lainnya.
      Malaysia beli kapal perang dari China apa karena produk China terbaik?

    2. nope we buy from china because its cheap and we all know about it. no reason to give any excuses. chinese made weapons surely are not no.1 in the world but they are one of the best and only fools deny it.

  5. cakep buanget rafale. salah satu paporite guwe nich haha!

  6. okay, since some of you are arguing about missiles for the sukhoi. yes,the sukhoi already have their missiles and most of them are not more than 10 years old. the amount of missiles bought can be seen in wikipedia and i can assure that the figures are correct. however, those are the number of missiles bought during the su30 mkm acquisition and the number should be lower as some of the missiles have been used in live fire exercises.

  7. As long as no Official Agreement signed, it can be anything, be it Eurofighter or rafale or even additional Su-MKM! till then... whatever news are just rumors!!

    ...do not behave like Indon commentator...keep talking and talking and bragging about buying Su-35 for years...but so far...NOTHING!

    1. We're not bragging, we're pleading. Planned buying numbers are going down, while wishful procurement numbers are going up.

    2. Pembelian SU35 tertunda karena Rusia tidak mau memberi Tot pada Indonesia. On the other hand ,IFX perlu 4 tehnologi tinggi dari AS yang akan diberikan jika Indonesia beli salah satu pesawat AS ,F16V,atau F15,maupun F35 . hal ini membuat bimbang.Atau beli thypoon buatan eropa dan mereka bersedia membantu program IFX . Ada pilihan sulit dan dilemma dalam hal ini . Jadi bukan masalah wang tak ada ...

  8. There's not much we can gain by highlighting the problems faced by any government when procuring defense items. Fair enough that the politicians are seen as easy target, however it would be more beneficial if someone can throw in the economics of the procurement in terms of sustenance etc. As I see it, we are too much engrossed with performance when what is more important is availability and economical consideration.

  9. Bukankah lebih baik jika Malaysia dan Indonesia punya kekuatan Militer yang terkini, boleh bantu satu sama lain jika keadaan memerlukan seperti bencana dan misi kemanusiaan. Tidak perlu ribut dari mana sumber kewangan datang atau tidak punya wang yang banyak. Jika ekonomi Malaysia dan Indonesia baik bagus untuk rakyat kedua-dua negara kerana rakyat Indonesia akan bekerja di Malaysia dan Malaysia akan melabur di Indonesia. Kita bukan musuh tapi kita sebenarnya sahabat cuma ada segelintir sahaja yang punya pendapat peribadi berbeda. Saya suka Indonesia yang kuat dan Malaysia yang kuat

    1. kalau kamu ikuti perkembangan militer malaysia dan indonesia pasti kamu tahu banyak kerjasama dilakukan... cuma politik dan media memainkan peranan baik dan buruk

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