27 Maret 2017

Thailand Modernises V-150 Into HMV-150

27 Maret 2017

HMV-150 4x4 armoured vehicles (photo : Shephard)

The Royal Thai Navy (RTN) has chosen domestic company Panus Assembly to modernise its V-150 4x4 armoured vehicles. To be re-designated as the HMV-150, they will be equipped with various weapons, feature thicker armour and have a higher performance. (Shephard)

Thai Navy has handed the V-150 armored wheeled vehicle to Panus Assembly, a domestic company. The modernization is called the HMV-150.

The car has thicker armor, and with higher performance. The new structure is designed to be strong and comfortable in the interior space. The HMV-150 weighs 16 tons. The car is 6.5 meters long and 2.5 meters wide. Armor side and roof top 12 mm thick, under the 16 mm thick belly, protects the surrounding fire and protects the explosives well. 

Conveyor models equipped with armored fortresses around the body. The truck version is equipped with automatic weapons. Controlling the shot from the inside of the car.

Panus has experience building the Phantom 380-X1 wheeled APC for the the Royal Thai Marine Corps (photo : Shephard)

Replacing the Cummins isle +350 8.9 liters Euro 3 with 350 horsepower, giving the car a top speed of 110 km/h. Alison 4500 sp 6 speed automatic transmission. The 3.5-meter narrower version of the revised Commando V-150, the new HMV-150, will allow the army to operate the car for decades. 

With the efficiency and capacity equivalent to modern armored wheeled tires. Also, save on new car financing. The important thing is that we can do it locally. Make maintenance and repair work done quickly and conveniently. It also promotes the domestic manufacturing industry and factories.

(Battlefield Defense)

4 komentar:

  1. How about Indonesia's or other ASEAN's V-150 Comanndo?

    1. filipino still use their's, indonesia is going to upgrade their v-150 and malaysia v-150 is currently operate by the police.

  2. Indonesia V-150 will upgrade too. Maybe next year.

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