30 Agustus 2017

Oxley Wins Development Contract For KF-X Fighter

30 Agustus 2017

Oxley Group will develop the full external lighting system on the new KF-X and IF-X Fighter Aircraft program (image : hansang)

Oxley Group has secured its position as leading the global market in aerospace LED lighting after being selected by Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) to develop the full external lighting system on the new KF-X and IF-X Fighter Aircraft program.

The KF-X / IF-X is a South Korean and Indonesian program to develop a single or twin seat advanced multirole fighter for the Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF) and Indonesian Air Force (TNI-AU). 

As part of the development contract Oxley will be supplying a ground-breaking external LED lighting system which includes the following; Landing light, Taxi light, Refuelling lights, Formation lights, Wing tip lights and an intelligent lighting controller.  The system provides complete integration into the pilot’s multi-functional display.  The suite will be designed specifically for the new jets and the lights will outperform existing technology to deliver high performance and reliability.

Oxley Technical Director, Darren Cavan explained, ‘The comprehensive technical development process will cover design, prototyping, testing and manufacture, this will be completed by a dedicated Oxley project team of mechanical, optical, electronics and software engineers at the Priory Park site in Cumbria. As part of the development, smart technology will be integrated into the lights.’

Martin Blakstad, Oxley Group CEO commented, ‘The Oxley team has been working closely with the team at KAI and this has created a strong relationship between the two companies, the Oxley team is enthusiastic about working on this ground breaking programme.  To be part of a prestigious advanced technological platform such as this is confirmation of our world leading position in the provision of high performance lighting for military aircraft and we look forward to deepening our relationship with such a major manufacturer as KAI.’  


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  1. TKDN-nya mana nih...kok sama kayak CBG?

  2. Like an f22 except not that stealthy n internal loadouts as well as super cruise. Damn it Lockheed you had the chance to made huge funds if you built a lower tier f22 like what the KFX is. You could make loads of money if you tried a lower standard f22 since DOD does not allow the F22 export. If only this had happened they might have let you sell and make loads of money to work on your delayed f35 and other kind of projects. Too bad the koreans are having their own ones. This will be a good 4.5th+ generation fighter but be warned any delays it could possibly not serve for a long time as 5th gen fighters are preparing for IOC and FOC. Alrdy 6th gen are being planned. Better be quick and plan for future upgrades as well to capitalise as much as you can.

    1. this is true that this platform would compete the current 4.5+ generation fighters, but the current platforms such as Gripen and Rafales are being upgraded to near 5th generation capabilities such as AESA radar. i am wondering what are the new features this new aircraft will be fielding that are comparable to f-35 and similar aircraft

    2. This aircraft never intend to be in same level of F-35. Both ROK and Indonesia will not have the budget for that. KAI and DI will used off the shelf tech as much as possible to reduce development cost. When you are using off the shelf tech, and you always one step behind of the project like F-35 that uses pioner technology.

      But that's alright, KFX/IFX is plan to be one step behind of F-35 but still in competitive standing against Euro's jets like gripen, rafale or Eurofighter.

      Based on several korean sources, the similar capabilities to present F-35 is aimed at Tranche 3. Which at the same time it's predicted F-35 already evolved much further.

      Just like Eurofighter, the present Tranche 3 is some much different to original Tranche 1, as much as to modified Tranche 1 to Tranche3 will cost nearly the same on building new one.

      This project aimed to provide near 5th gen capabilities with much reduced costs. By the time KFX/IFX later version (potentially tranche 3) reach gen5, F35 already in gen 5.5..

      That's why ROKAF still procured F35, aside to gain US tech, but also becaused KFX will always one step behind F-35.

    3. Yes. Like i mention if they did made a less capable f22 lockheed that can be exported they could have strike gold! Yes this KFX fighter is surely able to compete with other 4.5 fighters. I would not consider the f35 as a 5.5th gen fighter. Although rafael and grifen can be upgraded to 5th gen capability like an aesa radar but remember there is also about performance. Some would say the grifen is an underpowered fighter compared to european fighters like rafael and eurofighter. (Imo) Maybe a little underpowered but lets see how the grifen E/F model performs first as it is knew. If you compare the KFX with other europe, western, russian fighters that r 4th gen but can be enhanced to 4.5th gen it might be better. It is designed primary as 4.5th gen fighter. Other fighters out there were designed as a 4th gen fighter yes it can be upgraded but performance wise the KFX seems better. Why? It's design is very smooth if u judge simply. The aerodynamics of this fighter seems more capable than the others. Still we will need to wait for more specs. It would suck if the jet is very heavy and with all those loadouts hanging outside the frame it could render this aerodynamic enhancements compared to other 4th fighters that r upgraded to 4.5th gen standard useless. Its a possibility. We will need to wait and see the specs. Hopefully it's engine is not underpowered like the F35 lol. It would be very unlikely since it is a twin engine.

    4. KFX will strike gold as much of Air Forces around the world need replacement for their older version of MIG 29, F 16 (like Pakistan, South Korea, Indonesia, Egypt, Iraq, some latin countries like Mexico, Peru, Chile) around 2030 onwards and the kind but they politically cant afford F35 but still need / rely on some western tech, and thats the niche KFX will playing the roles.

    5. Maybe. F35 cost around US85mill. Getting closer to the price tag originally set. They are aiming for US $80mill. Once LRIP ends and proceeds to FRP that will drove down the cost. They are aiming for less than $80mill. If i remember correctly the original price they set for the JSF was $75mill. If i'm not mistaken.

    6. Platform cost, not purchasing cost.

    7. ketika f35A mencapai harga $75juta, sepertinya singapur akan ganti platform f16nya yach om ben.

      dan indonesia mungkin akan join setelahnya, dikit2 dulu tp, biar jadi bukit lama2 oke oceh 🙃😉🙃😉🙃😉🤗

    8. ps: mungkin akan join dgn catetan, ada tot tetek bengek laennya sasuai uu😊😊😊

  3. IFx DESIGN different......kfx design to ground/land attack.....IFX design more like maritime strike.....bigger engine....biger internal fuel tank.....IFX more long range endurance

    1. Bikin 2 design yg berbeda..itu butuh duit development budget yg jauh lebih gede..

      Ngk lah..design masih sama.apalagi mesin..ngerubah mesin itu majan separuh budget..mana punya duit.plg juga avionics yg beda..

    2. Nengno ae mas antek barat...iku si suwandaru kakehan mangan jengkol

    3. Hahaha...
      Lha demene ngono kok..
      Meh ngopo jal..? :D

  4. PT LEN indonesia have sample of avionik prototype for IfX......USE Digital glass cockpit

  5. kalau ifx diinstal mesin jet saturn pasti akan lebih dasyat...

    1. Mesin Uranus sama Pluto lebih keren jal

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