14 Mei 2019

BRP Gregorio Velasquez Back from 2-Month Survey Mission

14 Mei 2019

BRP Gregorio Velasquez (AGR 702) (photo : Wiki)

MANILA -- The BRP Gregorio Velasquez (AGR-702), a research vessel assigned to the Philippine Navy, arrived at Pier 13, Manila South Harbor on Friday after a two-month mission off the seaboards of Occidental Mindoro, Palawan, Tawi-Tawi, and Zamboanga Del Sur.

The ship, which was designated Naval Task Group (NTG) 80.7 "Survey", and her crew were welcomed by Fleet-Marine Ready Force head, Commodore Toribio Adaci Jr.

The task group is composed of 100 officers and enlisted personnel headed by Commander Benjo Negranza, skipper of BRP Gregorio Velasquez, Navy spokesperson, Capt. Jonathan Zata, said.

The NTG 80.7 left last March to undertake hydrographic and research in selected areas in the archipelago to contribute to the continued safe navigation of naval vessels, as well as bring the Navy closer to communities in hard-to-reach islands.

"Your arrival from a successful mission underscores your professionalism, dedication, hard work and collective effort. Most importantly, your success bespeaks well of your selfless devotion and unwavering zeal towards the accomplishment of your mission," Adaci said.

BRP Gregorio Velasquez (AGR 702) (photo : esy05)

Meanwhile, Negranza said the two-month mission made them better appreciate the important role the Navy plays in protecting and preserving the country's maritime resources and in keeping in touch with the Philippines' rich maritime heritage.

The undertaking also highlighted the capacity of the sailor-scientists, who provide the organization competence in the fields of hydrographic research. It further manifests the evolution, development and expansion of the Navy’s capabilities in reaching out even to the archipelago’s remotest island communities.

The BRP Gregorio Velasquez is the sole asset of the Philippine Navy capable of conducting oceanographic and hydrographic survey.

The BRP Gregorio Velasquez (formerly the RV Melville) was one of the two former American ships pledged by then president Barack Obama during his visit to the Philippines during the APEC Leaders’ Summit in November 2015.

The other ship was the USCGC Boutwell, which has been renamed to BRP Andres Bonifacio (PS-17), and the third Hamilton-class cutter in the service of the Philippine Navy.

The BRP Gregorio Velasquez was commissioned into service in June 2016. 


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  1. Philipina punya kapal survei dulu baru beli kapal selam, malon beli kapal selam dahulu ngga punya kapal survei akhirnya kapal selamnya ngga bisa nyelam ngambang kayak tai

  2. Buat Survey2 brooo😌😌

    1. Tukang survey tereak survey, tukang bubur tereak bubur, lha tukang curang tereak....CURAAAAANG 😀😀😀

    2. ☝aq ora melu2 lho yaa...

    3. Arep survey neng kemukus opo kawi, sing peting ojo lali nggowo wadale sing akeh... Beruk malon

    4. πŸ™„πŸ‘πŸ˜wis apal sampeyan tenan sampeyan...

    5. Wah, kalo yg ini ☝️🏻 baru namanya fitnah yg TSMB 😏

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      Harusnya elu dulu udah curiga lihat harga Pars 8x8 yg ditampal stiker deftech harga 1 unitnya sangat mahal.


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