28 Mei 2009

New Singapore Munition Bursts onto World Market

16 Juni 2008

Low Velocity Air Burst Munition System (photo : Jane's)

Singapore Technologies Kinetics (Stand B105) is launching on the international market at Eurosatory this year its latest 40mm Low Velocity Air-Burst Munition System (LV ABMS), comprising a fire control system (FCS) and the high explosive (HE) air bursting munition (ABM).
The FCS clips onto a rail on top of the weapon and includes a laser rangefinder with a maximum range of 500m (with an option of 800m), with the operator being provided with a red dot for aiming purposes.

The 40 x 46mm ABM is fired from current in-service 40mm low velocity (LV) grenade launchers such as the CIS 40GL and US M203, which are installed under the barrel of 5.56mm assault rifles to enable high value targets to be neutralised.
Each HE ABM is fitted with an advanced programmable time based fuze that is not armed until it is 14-28m from the weapon and enables the projectile to be detonated above the target for maximum effect. The maximum range is 400m and the ABM features a self-destruct fuze to reduce the number of dud rounds on the battlefield.

Development and testing of the 40mm LV ABMS are complete and production can commence as soon as orders are placed. STK also manufactures a complete family of
40mm high velocity ammunition as well as a 40mm automatic grenade launcher and a 40mm Light Weight Automatic Grenade Launcher (AGL) with an ABM FCS.


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