08 Juni 2009

Australia and USA Collaborating on New Phased Array Radar

02 April 2009

Active radar concept for ANZAC (image : Defense Industry Daily)

In August 2005, Australia’s Ministry of Defence reported that Australia and the United States had joined forces by signing a joint agreement to developn active phased array radar technology in Australia. The total development cost was estimated to be approximately $30 million over 3 years. The hope is that it would kick-start a new Australian electronics and systems integration industry, based on S-band active array and X-band phased-array technology, sized for and applied to smaller ships like frigates and corvettes.

Both countries will share the development costs, technical expertise and benefits of the CEAFAR (3D) active phased array radar. This technology is being developed by ACT electronics company CEA Technologies, and has become part of Australia’s ASMD project to make its new Anzac-Class frigates survivable against supersonic cruise missiles. Other military and civil applications on land and sea are also possible, given the radar’s characteristics.

The latest news involves a Thales technology designed to make full use of the new radars’ capabilities…

(Defense Industry Daily)

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