09 Juni 2009

Svetlyak Fast Missile Boat for Vietnam

2 April 2009
Svetlyak of the Vietnamese Navy (photo : Militaryphotos)

Project 10410

The Project 10410 Svetlyak-class boats have been designed to carry out a variety of missions. They are cost effective and easy-to-operate ships featuring optimal hull configuration. The propulsion system is based upon three automated diesel engines providing high full speed of up to 30 knots and long endurance of up to 2,200 nautical miles. Each diesel engine develops 3,530 kW (4,800-hp) or 16,200 kW combined with the other two diesel engines. The boats can effectively operate both in moderate and hot climate, employ weapons in Sea States up to 5, and safely navigate in Sea States up to 7. So far, the Vietnamese Navy has ordered Svetlyak fast missile boats.

Svetlyak fast missile boat (photo : Ttvnol)

The Svetlyak-class boat family comprises Project 10410 border guard patrol boat, Project 10411 missile boat and Project 10412 patrol boat. These variants differ in electronic equipment and weapons as well as in full load displacement with Project 10411 having an additional 15 tons. Project 10410 is designed to perform patrol missions in the littoral zone protecting territorial waters and exclusive economic zones. Each ship is equipped with a 76.2mm AK-176M cannon, six-barrel 30mm AK-630 gun mount, two single-tube torpedo launchers, 16 Igla-1M surface-to-air missiles (SAMs), and specific electronic suite.

The Project 10411 boat is designed to patrol littoral zone, and to deliver anti-ship missiles against enemy warships and vessels. It is equipped with eight (2x4) Uran-E anti-ship missiles, a 76.2mm AK-176M cannon, one six-barrel 30mm AK-630 gun mount, and 16 Igla-1M surface-to-air missiles as well as specific electronic suite. Project 10412 is intended to prevent violations of maritime state border, to protect friendly vessels and facilities from enemy surface and air attacks, to monitor exclusive economic zones, to protect natural resources areas and coastal lines of communications, etc. It is equipped with one 30mm AK-306-2 gun mount and optionally an AK-176M gun mounted on the bow section, two 14.5mm machine guns, 16 Igla missiles and specific equipment.


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