26 Juni 2009

Malaysia Delivery Three UAV to Thailand

25 Juni 2009

Thai Air Force has received from the three CyberEye UAV (photo : KLSR)

Kuala Lumpur : Malaysia Sapura Secured Technologies is already in March this year, the Air Force handed over to Thailand 3 CyberEye unmanned aerial vehicles, worth 3.5 million ringgit.

This is the acquisition of Sapura Secured Technologies in Australian UAV company Cybertechnology first case of export transactions.

Sapura Secured Technologies news in 2009 in the police and special equipment exhibition (GPEC 2009), the acceptance of KLS in an interview, so that the. Thai Air Force in October 2008, Sapura Secured Technologies to three CyberEye UAV procurement.

Sapura Secured Technologies UAV CyberShark stand.(photo : KLSR)

Sapura Secured Technologies News pointed out that despite the acquisition of Cybertechnology company, Sapura Secured Technologies in Malaysia is still no plan to set up production line of unmanned aerial vehicles.

"At present, all of the unmanned aerial vehicles, both in Australia and production, the next it is possible to set up production lines in the local community depends on the lack of significant domestic orders."


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