05 Juni 2009

DCNS Delivers Royal Malaysian Navy's First Scorpene Submarine

27 Januari 2009
KD Tunku Abdul Rahman (photo : Meretmarine)
DCNS delivers Royal Malaysian Navy's very first submarine

Today, DCNS delivered the Royal Malaysian Navy's first-ever submarine. This on-time delivery follows Malaysia's decision to set up a submarine force comprising two Scorpene-type conventional-propulsion boats.

The Royal Malaysian Navy took formal delivery of Scorpene submarine KD Tunku Abdul Rahman at today's official handover in Toulon. The guests of honour included RMN Chief of Staff Admiral Dato'Sri Aziz Hj Jaafar.

KD Tunku Abdul Rahman is the first of two Scorpene submarines ordered by Malaysia in June 2002 and developed jointly by DCNS and Spanish naval shipbuilder Navantia. In addition to the submarines proper, the contract calls for associated logistics and training.

This major milestone for the RMN follows the completion, in late December 2008, of KD Tunku Abdul Rahman's final sea trials demonstrating remarkable operational and combat system capabilities. These trials included successful firings of Black Shark heavyweight torpedoes and missiles.

KD Tunku Abdul Rahman is scheduled to arrive in Malaysia early in the second half of 2009. The second of the series, KD Tun Razak, is scheduled for delivery in late 2009. Manned by Malaysian crews of just 31, the boats offer an endurance of 45 days for a displacement of 1,550 tonnes and a length overall of 67.5 metres.

Scorpene represents the state of the art in submarine design and construction and benefits from the latest technologies developed for nuclear-powered classes operated by the French Navy, particularly as regards acoustic discretion and combat system performance. Excellent endurance makes the Scorpene one of the few medium-displacement designs suitable for extended ocean patrol duties. The modular design can also be readily tailored to each customer's specific mission profiles and other requirements.

This programme confirms DCNS's know-how as a leading prime contractor for sophisticated warship programmes. With ten units ordered to date (two for Chile, two for Malaysia and six for India), Scorpene is truly an international benchmark in SSK design.


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