09 Juni 2009

Vietnam to Purchase 6 Russian Subs

27 April 2009

Kilo class submarine (photo : Military Factory)

MOSCOW - Russia will build six submarines for the Vietnamese navy, the daily Kommersant reported April 27.

The St Petersburg naval dockyard Admiralteyskye verfi and Vietnam will shortly sign the contract, worth $1.8 billion, the report said, quoting sources close to Russian arms export agency Rosoboronexport.

"Initially it was expected that the submarines would be bought by Venezuela, but Rosoboronexport refused to clinch the deal with that country, largely due to a recent meeting between Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and his American counterpart Barack Obama," Kommersant said.

Chavez, a ferocious foe of the United States under the George W. Bush presidency, showed signs of warming to Obama during the Americas conference earlier this month, telling the new U.S. president: "I want to be your friend."

(Defense News)

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