26 Juni 2009

Future Maritime Strike Power of Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia

25 Juni 2009

Sigma 10514 (image : Schelde)

Singapore, KLS: The six Formidable class multi-role stealth frigates of the Singapore Navy are commissioned while the construction of the six MEKO 100 class NGPV for the Malaysian Navy is also close to completion and commission stage.

Indonesian Navy’s four SIGMA 91 meter corvettes, which were bought from Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding in July 2004 have finished their construction and are commissioned now.

From the construction of the SIGMAs to its commission, the process had taken five years and the last SIGMA Frans Kaisiepo held its commissioning ceremony on March 7 this year.

The navy fleets of these three Southeast Asian countries Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia are now equipped with a new maritime strike power. After the completion of the Formidable class, MEKO 100 and SIGMA and being commissioned one after another, the three countries have begun to think of new concepts and designs for the next generation of future surface warship.

During IMDEX, The KLS journalist had spent 40 minutes to watch the ST video just to catch the 2-second clip of a new Frigate--"110 FRIGATE", which comes in a very simple and clean design, mast with no bridge structure, no helicopter hangar.

ST Marine staff told KLS that the "110 FRIGATE" is still a concept model but the video had shown the determination of Singapore in incorporating stealth technology into its future surface boat.
Unfortunately, the video did not touch on the combat system and weapons of "110 FRIGATE".

On the other hand, Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding Product Development Manager Leon Goossens confirmed with KLS that Damen Schelde had recommended "SIGMA 10514" corvette to Indonesia. The 10514 means 105 meters long and 14 meters wide.

Meko D-100 (photo : KLSR)

The frigate focuses on regional air defence capability as it equipped 12 MICA vertical launch air defence missile system and uses the Smart-S radar system, which is the same with second batch frigate of Malaysia.

Goossens pointed out that "SIGMA 10514" can provide better defence capability and the company had already explained Indonesia Navy and awaiting for the country’s reply.

He also revealed Damen Schelde’s plan to promote "SIGMA 10514" to Malaysia although they knew that Malaysia Navy is using MEKO 100 and that there is a market opportunity to sell the ships to Malaysia.

As for the next generation surface boat of Malaysian Navy, the British BAE System had displayed the second batch of missile frigate in the 2007 Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace exhibition. The second batch of missile frigate focuses on the same area air defence capability, which has vertical launching system and Smart-S radar system.

In 2007, Malaysian government announced to form a second batch new generation of offshore patrol ship. By April 2008, Malaysian Navy announced the second batch new generation of offshore patrol ship as anti-submarine patrol ship. Today, "SIGMA 10514" will promote to Malaysia. It should be noted that whether Malaysian government will review the use of MEKO 100 operations platform.
There is much more to see if the German’s TKMS that manufactures MEKO D 100 patrol frigate, will continue to come out with new program for its’ Malaysia market.

IMDEX 2009, Germany TKMS launched MEKO D 100 program which is 98.20 meters long and 17 meters wide ship with displacement of 2490 tons and maximum speed of 26 knot and equips with 16 vertical launch system, its anti-ship missile device is designed to be kept under the deck, which will effectively reduce the radar from tracing it.


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