13 Juni 2009

Nulka Secures 11th Successive Production Order

01 Juni 2009
Nulka anti missile decoy system (photo : Lockheed Martin)

MELBOURNE, Australia – The Australian Government has awarded BAE Systems another contract to produce additional Nulka anti-missile decoy rounds.

The contract, valued at AUD $48.2 million, will see BAE Systems Australia produce additional Nulka rounds for use by the Australian, United States and Canadian Navies.

BAE Systems is the prime contractor responsible for design, development and integration of the Nulka system.

Two US sub-contractors, Lockheed Martin and Aerojet, manufacture the electronic warfare payload and the rocket motor respectively.

Simon Forrest, BAE Systems Program Manager, confirmed that this latest and 11th successive annual order would see production extended to 2012.

“To date approximately 860 Nulka rounds have been produced for the Australian, United States and Canadian Navies. The Nulka system has now been installed on more than 125 surface combat ships, with deployment on further ship classes planned,” Mr Forrest said.

Nulka is a rocket propelled active decoy designed to lure anti-ship missiles away from their intended target. Originally conceived in Australia, and developed under a joint Australian and United States program, it provides warships with a highly effective all-weather defence against anti-ship missiles, bringing together hovering rocket, autonomous system and electronic technologies.

(BAE System)

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