08 Juni 2009

Malaysia Unveils Plans for Additional Astros II MRLs

11 Maret 2009

Avibras Astros II multiple rocket launchers (photo : Khyron)

Malaysia will take delivery of an additional order of 18 Brazilian Avibras Astros II multiple rocket launchers (MRLs) in September, Malaysian Army Chief General Tan Sri Muhammad Ismail Jamaluddin announced on 1 March.

AV-VBL support vehicle for Astros II (photo : DefesaBr)

The new MRLs will form a second regiment to add to the Malaysian Astros II regiment already in service. The 18 launchers, their various support vehicles and munitions were ordered in 2007. Deliveries of munitions for the launchers have commenced, with most of the materiel already in country.


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