11 Juni 2009

Cubic Announces Sale of P5CTS to Singapore

26 Mei 2009

The P5 Combat Training System includes an airborne instrumentation pod, pictured above, as well as Cubic's colorful three-dimensional debriefing software (photo : Cubic)

Cubic Defense Applications today announced its second foreign sale of Cubic's latest-generation air combat training system, this time to the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF). Cubic said it was 'proud to add the Singapore air force to the growing community of P5 Combat Training System/Tactical Combat Training System users.'

Under a contract awarded by the 675th Armament Systems Squadron at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, Cubic will deliver P5 Combat Training System (P5CTS) airborne subsystem pods and ground stations to the RSAF for use at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho. Singapore has combat pilots assigned to several US Air Force bases to take advantage of the good airspace for training in these locations.

Singapore's P5CTS will have capabilities similar to the US P5 system, including the P5 instrumentation pods for use on the aircraft and the user-friendly three-dimensional Individual Combat Aircrew Display System, a ground-based system that allows pilots to monitor, control and debrief training missions. Other potential P5 Foreign Military Sales are in negotiations with announcements expected later in 2009 and 2010.

Cubic made its first foreign sale of P5CTS last year to Poland, which intends to use the system on new F-16s based at Poznan-Krzesiny and Lask air bases.

(Asian Military Review)

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