02 November 2015

The First AW189 Helicopter of the VPA in Flight Testing

02 November 2015

The first AW189 helicopter of  the Vietnam Helicopter Corporation (Corps 18) of the Vietnamese Ministry of National Defence undergoes flight testing (photo : VNH)

Last week, the portal company VNH South (under the Vietnam Helicopter Company, Vietnam People's Armed Forces) has posted photos acceptance of first AW189 transport helicopter fom AgustaWestland SPA (Republic of Italy) on 21/10. In the picture, the first AW189 helicopter of the Vietnam People's Army in flight testing in Italy.

This is the first AW-189 delivered among 3 helicopters AW-189 contracted from AgustaWestland, which increases VNH South’s helicopter fleet up to 21 in total, marks amilestone in helicopter fleet of VNH South development process.

As scheduled, in early November 2015, the helicopter will be shipped by sea from Italy to Vietnam and arrive at Vungtau airport in December 2015 to enter into commercial operations since January 2016.


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