22 Juni 2016

Brunei and Egypt Shows Interest in New Ukrainian «Varta» Armoured Vehicles

22 Juni 2016

VARTA Armored Personnel Carrier (photos : DefenceBlog)

The official delegation of the Ministry of Defence of Brunei and Egypt shows interest in new Ukrainian «Varta» armoured multi-purpose vehucle (AMPV) during Eurosatory 16 exhibition.

VARTA – is an Armored Personnel Carrier (APC). It is ideal for transporting soldiers in combat situations and can also be equipped as a Command-Post Vehicle, or evacuation of troops.

The vehicle compartment is made from specialized 560 steel grade which protects crew from armored piercing incendiary ammo up to 7.62mm. VARTA uses a V-shape hull structure to accommodate anti-mine seats, giving crew members protection to withstand detonation of charges up to 6kg of TNT.

VARTA includes a fighting module equipped with either the 7.62 mm or the 12.7 mm machine gun. The vehicle has 10 gun ports around the vehicle with the feasibility of accommodating a UBGL (Under-Barrel Grenade Launcher).

The VARTA is built on a 4×4 two-axle truck base with a specialized chassis with a “high-cross” carrying up to 8.15 tons. This chassis with сentral tire inflation system is proven and reliable even in the most challenging and difficult conditions.

The VARTA boasts a 6-cylinder, V-type, turbocharged diesel engine dispelling either 270hp or 300hp (depending on the engine chosen) and can run on many types of fuel (including lower quality fuel in combat situations).

The VARTA has a maximum road speed of 120 km/hour and a maximum torque of 1128 N*m The VARTA employs an 8-Gear Manual Transmission to accommodate all terrain situations and to be completely versatile in battle.

The VARTA utilizes an energy-intensive dual shock absorber system. It has additional leaf springs on the wheels to provide smooth riding conditions even at high speeds on off -road situations. It is built rugged, long-term usage.

Built with Swedish Armor from 560 Steel, the VARTA can withstand a direct hit from armor-pierc – ing incendiary 7.62mm ammo.

The VARTA en – gages bulletproof glass of the same protection level as the armor and it’s external installation method enables quick replacement if damaged. Ballistic plates surround the engine for addition – al protection. V-shaped hull of the VARTA armoured crew compartment gives protection to the passengers able to withstand a detonation charge equivalent to 6kg of TNT.

VARTA comes with gunner station with a gun – ner protection kit on the roof that can sup – port various machine gun systems including 7.62mm(PK) or 12.7mm(NSV). The VARTA can also come equipped with an enclosed cupola supporting dual machine gun systems (14.5mm and 7.62 mm). Turret available in manual and powered variants. 10 gun ports with the possibility of rifle grenade instalation. Gun ports equiped with powder gases ventilation system. The possible installation smoke grenade launching system.

(Defence Blog)

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