24 Juni 2016

MMEA To Obtain Nine Patrol Ships Including New Generation OPV

24 Juni 2016

One of candidates for 80m New Generation OPV for MMEA (image : Lursen Defence)

KUCHING (Bernama) -- The government allocates RM1.3 billion to build nine more patrol ships for the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) to increase assets and boost its capability.

MMEA director-general Maritime Admiral Datuk Ahmad Puzi Kahar said the first patrol ship was expected to be completed at year's end while the rest would be obtained in stages in the subsequent years.

He said three of the patrol ships were the bigger new generation Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) which were equipped with sophisticated Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).

"The ships are being built in the country with the cooperation of a company from Germany. So, there is a transfer of technology which can boost the capability and benefits the national shipping industry," he said.

He said the new generation OPV is a bigger patrol ship measuring 80 metres and upwards, and the three would be built at a cost of RM740 million.

Ahmad Puzi said this in a media conference which was held in conjunction with the launching of Ops Pagar Laut at the Tun Abang Salahuddin Maritime Complex Jetty (KOMTAS), at Muara Tebas here, today.

He said Ops Pagar Laut, which was started at the beginning of Ramadan, gravitated around controlling the territorial water and national entry points which were hotspots, around which monitorings were boosted with the presence of three MMEA assets daily.

He said the launching today was also held after the wife of the Sarawak Yang DiPertua Negeri, Toh Puan Raghad Kurdi Taib, consented to hand over Aildifitri contributions to MMEA members this evening at KOMTAS.

According to Ahmad Puzi, MMEA always ensured that not more than 25 per cent of MMEA members were allowed to take leave during the holiday season, regardless of whatever celebration or festivity, to ensure its service would always be at its peak.


3 komentar:

  1. Bigger OPV with 80 m in length to face China CG with frigate sized patrol ships?

  2. Only for anti piracy and patrol. If china cg ships comes into the picture than the navy will handle it.

    1. Well, an 80m patrol ship should be enough to handle china CG. Recent altercations of indonesia and china involved much smaller 60m in size patrol boat against a much bigger china CG. That's why indonesia navy must get in to the site. But once indonesian CG get their own 90m class ship, the navy don't need to get in, they may still be needed for backup at distance. What we all need is a very high power jamming device to jammed the china fisherman from sending a distress call to their CG.