27 Juni 2016

Vietnam T-55M3 is Equipped with Explosive Reactive Armor ERA

27 Juni 2016

T- 55M3 MBT of the Vietnamese Army (all photos : BaoDatViet) 

According to Lenta, after the T-54 Vietnam is Israel upgraded T-55M3 standard, the deck of this increase is a comprehensive makeover with unexpected strength.

Firepower: According to the source, upgraded tanks equipped with heavy machine gun NSV 12.7 mm manufactured by Vietnam, a gun capable of attacking low-flying aerial targets such as helicopters, UAVs ... In field conditions, can also lower barreled guns to attack the infantry and enemy vehicles.

However, the formidable firepower of tanks T-54 modernization / 55M3 is twisted 105 mm cannon type M68 / L7 of Israel. L7 cannon can shoot bullets APAM, or kinetic energy ammunition with cross bar with insulating tiles, enhance longevity and accuracy when shooting.

In addition, to further enhance the firepower attack, tanks T-54 / 55M3 is also equipped with a coaxial machine gun 7.62 mm PKT. According to Lenta, machine guns and self-produced by Vietnam.

60 mm mortar is being deployed on the main battle tanks and Magach Mekava of Israel. 60 mm mortar is being deployed on the main battle tanks and Magach Mekava of Israel. This vegetation type is also equipped by Vietnam. With the support of 60 mm mortars, tanks can attack more effective against infantry hiding in the fortifications, or even high-rise buildings.

Through pictures of prototypes made public, said Lenta, tank upgrade of Vietnam was equipped with meteorological sensors MAWS6056B due Idram Swiss company manufactured. MAWS6056B sensors provide meteorological parameters such as wind direction and speed, temperature and atmospheric pressure for the artillery ballistic computer. A special feature is the sensor is evaluated MAWS6056B modern, even advanced main battle tank of the French Leclerc are also using this sensor.

Defense system: On defense systems, tanks were fitted with explosive reactive armor Blazer ERA box of Israel. The two sides are designed turret assembly reaction notched corners beveled to enhance dispersion of force penetrating warhead, the rear is fitted with cage armor. Overall, the T-54 turret / 55M3 western-style design, is evaluating the effectiveness of defense many times higher than the old turret.

Under the plan, explosive reactive armor ERA 2nd generation developed by Vietnam will also be fitted to the position of "critical" by tanks, especially in front of the nose turret and vehicle.

To improve the viability of the tank, crawler systems have also been strengthened by the armor protection riem, similar to armor caterpillars on foreign tanks. Turret sides of the vehicle is also fitted with the system smoke grenade launchers (large container), to launch smoke hiding the enemy tanks were laser beam, or aiming.

According to the estimates of Lenta, version T-54 / 55M3 installed 1,000-horsepower diesel engine new German-made. With this engine, the ability to move the tanks will be increased significantly. The car is also fitted with the fire control system FCS Russian-made, perhaps this is a unique device is performed on the main Russian tank their upgrade.

It can be said, through the details of the weapons systems, defense, engine, computer ... are installed on tanks upgraded T-54 / 55M3 prove effective.
In the last exercise in 2011 to test the upgraded weaponry weapons DOD, T-55M3 tanks participated test firing and military officials appreciate, which, the car was able to shot while traveling forward, the ability to shoot the turret also faster than before.

However, this is not the only upgrade package of Israel in order to increase the power of T-54/55 that Vietnam can refer. In particular, Israel has unveiled a new upgrade package for many types of increases, including T-54/55 with fire control system TISAS completely new. With TISAS, tanks equipped fighting will increase efficiency and productivity by providing operational data in both day and night, poor visibility conditions allow accurate fire shoot enemy targets soon discovered first at long range.


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  1. Tank campursari, ada rasa israel, rusia, local manufactured, german dan swiss..hmm gurih.

  2. Is upgrade more cheaper than buy second tanks like Indonesian did?