04 Juni 2016

Ex USCGC Boutwell being Prepared for Handover to the Philippine Navy

04 Juni 2016

Ex USCGC BOUTWELL (photos : USCG Pacific Southwest)

Recently decommissioned U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Boutwell returns to #SanFrancisco Bay area for its final voyage with a #CoastGuard crew.

After 47 years of of service, the crew will prepare the ship for a foreign military sale and transfer to the Philippine Navy.

CGC BOUTWELL is a High Endurance Cutter home-ported in San Diego, California. BOUTWELL serves the American public by conducting Law Enforcement, Military, and Humanitarian Service operations in the maritime domain focusing on Safe, Efficient, and Effective mission accomplishment.


4 komentar:

  1. Maknyus...pnoy terus dpt hibah,setelah pohang class,hamilton cutter class,m113 apc...bener2 pnoy lihai pembangunan ekonomi dinomorsatukan.pembangunan militer dinomorduakan dg cara hibah aja
    Ente memang lihai pnoy

  2. What weapoms will be installed to it?

  3. This is excellent news, even thou the Hamilton Class ships are old, the “pro” out weights the con due to the following facts; the Hamilton class ships are definitely younger, more capable, and have better seakeeping than 3 major ship classes of the Philippine Navy which are from the 1940s era. The Philippine Navy needs to acquire as many large-hull warships it can possibly get, operate and maintain with its limited budget. The Hamilton class ships has the basic modern technology the Philippine Navy needs to train its personnel, and has the size to install current and future weapons and sensors to keep it up-to-date for another decade or so. The Hamilton class ships are readily available, and can be put to sea in a shorter span of time than most used frigates in the market and The Hamilton class ships were sold to the Philippines at a very low price.

    I believe that in general the Hamilton class ships were and are a good buy for the Philippine Navy despite the negative issues it has, the positive outweighs the negative concerns. It is a better platform than the ageing naval assets of the PN that negatively affects their capability considering the limitations of their current assets. As an “interim platform”, the ships will be able to provide the Philippine Navy with capable ships at sea to immediately do its mandate of protecting its interests and territories even with limited capability. What more if its weaponries were upgraded, the more it could ensure its mandate.