30 Juni 2016

Vietnam Also Interested in Japanese SH-60J ASW Helicopter

30 Juni 2016

JMSDF SH-60J ASW helicopter (photo : yahoo)

Currently submarine hunt forces Naval Aviation Vietnam covers only 8 Ka-28 is a Soviet Union transferred in the period 1989-1990.

After nearly 30 years of service, anti-submarine capabilities of the helicopter with coaxial rotor configuration unique in being judged is outdated, does not meet all the requirements of modern warfare, though went through the upgrade process in Ukraine.

Realizing the weakness on Navy Vietnam last time has made the move to find alternative subjects, including "cult" is the most exposed group to evaluate AgustaWestland helicopter AW159 Wildcat underground hunt, but so far no progress.

After the US lifted the arms embargo, MH-60 Seahawk suddenly emerged as a top candidate. But P-3C Orion same unit prices 45-55 million / unit (depending on version) causing them to exceed the reach of Vietnam.

However with the latest developments, while Vietnam is Japan expressed interest in providing P-3C used (especially according to some statements, the Northeast Asian countries are willing to sell cheap or even financial support), it also opens up prospects for our ability to buy helicopters to hunt both underground SH-60J Seahawk.

SH-60J is the version based on the SH-60 Seahawk US, is produced in Japan by Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Corporation under license from Sikorsky. Mitsubishi started transferring the first SH-60J JMSDF in 1991, they officially on the payroll shortly thereafter.

Basically, the SH-60J is the SH-60B hybrid SH-60F and, differences lie mostly in the electronic system. Japanese aircraft fabrication equipped with sonar embedded HQS-103, phased array radar scanning and proactive HPS-104 electronic warfare systems HLR-108. SH-60J using domestic motor T700-IHI-401C supplied by Ishikawa-Harima.

In addition to anti-submarine weapons like torpedoes dedicated Mk 46 lightweight, Type 74, Type 12, the bomb, the SH-60J sink ... also bring both 7.62 mm machine guns, rockets and rocket Hydra 70 mm Hellfire anti-tank for fire support missions for the Marines.

P-3C similar is being replaced by a P-1, Mitsubishi Corporation has now upgraded version produced SH-60K as a complement and ready bridging the gap of the SH-60J the production of the first batch money.

If Vietnam is Japan agreed to transfer the patrol aircraft P-3C Orion submarine hunt, the more likely we will buy SH-60J Seahawk attached to synchronize equipment. Although relatively "older" but of Japanese weapons has always been appreciated for the quality and reliability, will also serve to add a long time to come.

With rich combat experience and advanced facilities in Japan, Vietnam Navy will ensure complete protection tasks island sovereignty before a large submarine force of the enemy. The plan should be promoted to a deployed immediately in the near future.


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  1. Vetnam luasnya hanya selebar pulau jawa tapi urusan pertahanan air power vetnam paling jumawa terkuat se asia tenggara . Sebaliknya indonesia tni au paling ambruk terlemah di bawah yamnmar jauh di bawah singapore .

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