08 Mei 2009

Indonesia Selects ThalesRaytheon Systems to Provide a New Master-T Radar System

13 Juli 2005
ThalesRaytheon Master-T air surveillance radar (photo : ThalesRaytheon)

The Indonesian government has selected ThalesRaytheonSystems to supply a new Air Defense radar system to be interfaced with the existing Command and Control System previously provided by the company.

Under this follow-on contract, ThalesRaytheonSystems will provide the highly mobile 3D Long Range Air Defense Master-T Radar operating in S-band with a range of 440 km.

Specification of Master-T (photo : ThalesRaytheon)

Incorporating the fully solid state technology common to the Master 3D radar family, the Master-T radar is the ideal solution to meet the most demanding requirements for tactical long range Air Defense Radars today.

The Master-T radar has been designed for optimal detection and tracking of a large number of highly manoeuvrable aircraft, in heavy clutter and harsh Electronic Counter Measure (ECM) environment.

Already in service in Europe, Asia and Africa, and ordered by 7 different countries, the Master-T radar is currently the most advanced in its class.

ThalesRaytheonSystems has been working since the 1970s with the Indonesian Government to install a large scale Air Defense System. As part of this effort, ten long range radars and more than ten Air Command and Control Centers have been either successfully installed or placed on order.

(Thales Raytheon)

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