12 Mei 2009

Pilatus Trainer Aircraft for Malaysia

20 Februari 2006

PC-7 Mk II of the RMAF (photo : Airliners)

The Ministry of Defence, Malaysia has signed a contract for ten PC-7 MkII Turbo Trainer Aircraft, Ground Based Training Systems and a complete Integrated Logistic Support package, having a sales value of over CHF 70 million. Deliveries are expected to take place in 2007.

After a long and intensive evaluation process, Pilatus was once again able to prevail and succeed in securing this important contract with its world renowned Training System.

The Royal Malaysian Air Force is a long established user of Pilatus Aircraft products and training systems, having already in 1982 procured a total of 44 Pilatus PC-7 Turbo Trainer aircraft followed by nine PC-7 MkII in 2000.

This renewed sales success is most noteworthy because, to this date, Pilatus has never lost an existing trainer aircraft customer to the competition. “Once Pilatus – always Pilatus” is proof positive that our culture as a customer oriented company is the key to our success.

Worldwide a total of 32 Air Forces train their pilots on Pilatus products.

Beside full order books for the successful Pilatus PC-12 business aircraft, this contract with Malaysia will more than maximise the utilization capacity of the Pilatus Aircraft production facilities.


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